Friday, March 27, 2015

Spring is in the Air

Yesterday turned into a pretty great day.  It was warm to begin with and then in the afternoon the sun came peeking through the clouds.  It felt so nice to take Ivan and Winston out and let them run around. It had been raining off and on for the past two days so the humidity was thick but nourishing  to my skin.

This park is just a few blocks from us and it is wonderful.  There is a huge turf soccer field, a nice path for walking and even has a play set area.  Ivan loves it because he can play with his frisbee off leash and the police don't seem to patrol much.  This is one of the reasons we moved back to Brooklyn last fall.  Way better for Ivan. 

Seriously though, Winston never sits still....EVER.  The kid is either walking, crawling, climbing or running all of the time.  He loves to run up and down hills and is pretty amazed by walking backwards....